Thursday, March 18, 2010

little boy blue?

No! Little boy Brady, that's who! These two fabrics looked great together when we bought them, but the colors really came to life once the canopy was assembled. We think it exudes little boy charm and is perfect for a stylish little man like Brady. We hope Brady and his family will have lots of fun playing in it.

And, don't forget, the theme and/or color scheme of this or any other canopy can be adjusted to suit your taste. It can be made with or without tulle. The flower clips that hold up the "front door" can be replaced with butterflies, birds, or simple clothes pins painted to match the color of your fabric. We will work with you to make a canopy that your son or daughter will love.

burp cloths. get your burp cloths. stylish 'n durable burp cloths.

How many do you want? Two? Three? Six? You tell us how many and what theme and/or color scheme and we will customize an order for you. As you can see, we are fabric store junkies and can find just about anything on the racks of JoAnn's.

snips 'n snails

This set of six was a custom order for Summer. The parents-to-be are having a boy and Summer requested fabric that was striped, sports, and/or animal related. We were able to find all three and we think you will love this darling combination too.

Summer also wanted to give her sister-in-law the added luxury of burp cloths made on diaper service quality cloth diapers. What a luxurious and fun set!

a tisket. a tasket. a jackaroo gift basket.

Let us create the perfect baby shower gift for you. How about a gift basket filled with a combination of jackaroo lovelies. Here are some of our recent special orders.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great New Fabric!

Erin and I have been taking advantage of Jo Ann's "Coupon Commotion" the past week. It has been awesome. We ran out of coupons on Saturday just as we saw two adorable prints. We found coupons in another Jo Ann's ad that were good for this week, so we loaded the kiddos in the car and picked up these great prints. We're thinking they would make adorable cuddling blankets and swaddling blankets for your robot enthusiast or little ballerina! We're totally in LOVE. How about you?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

fresh and modern

This set of three was a custom order for our dear friend, the lovely Carrie. The parents-to-be are having a girl and Carrie requested fabric that was fresh and modern.


This set of three was a custom order for our dear friend, the lovely Carrie. The parents-to-be are having a boy and Carrie requested fabric that was tropical, bug, or soccer related. We were able to find all three. The parents-to-be LOVE soccer, so we made the coordinating swaddling blanket out of the darling soccer fabric.

sweet shop

This fabric is yummy enough to cure even the most stubborn sweet tooth. These two fun fabrics would look darling together or request one of them to be combined with pink, lavender, lime green, blue, or brown. Your little cupcake will love this sweet color scheme!

out of this world

This canopy would be perfect for a game of inter-galactic space ranger or for just sitting and dreaming about what it would be like up among the stars. Your little explorer will think the gold shimmer of the orange fabric reminds him or her of the stars.

pretty pretty princess

This canopy would be perfect for hosting a royal tea party. The lavender fabric is extra special because the skirts of the dancing princesses, crowns, and wands are all sparkly. Your little princess will twirl with delight when she sees this canopy.

bright blooms

These vibrant blooms are perfect for your little one's modern nursery or play room. The blooms would also look stunning with red or black fabric. Want to ditch the blooms? The black and white geometric pattern would look stunning paired with a solid color. Pink, lime green, and teal are three of our eye-catching favorites.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

tropical hideaway

These two fun fabrics would look darling together or request one of them to be combined with pink, teal, or lime green fabric to create the perfect tropical hideaway for your little nature lover.

tonka parking only

All others will be towed. After a hard day on the job site, every little builder needs a quiet place to hang his or her hard hat. This fun construction themed fabric would also coordinate with green or yellow fabric.

apples and pears

These crisp delicious apples and pears would be a delightful accompaniment to your kiddo's next indoor picnic or tea party. This sweet fabric would also make a perfect "pear" with lime green, yellow, red, or pink (even sparkly pink) fabric.

Friday, March 12, 2010

little race fan

It may not be a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics like Lightning McQueen, but this colorful canopy would be the perfect backdrop for hours of adventure for your little race fan. You can also request Disney's Cars fabric in blue in a similar print.

earth laughs in flowers

Or so said Ralph Waldo Emerson and your little one will spend countless hours laughing and having fun hidden among the flowers inside this bright cheerful hideaway.

nothing runs like a deere

And your little one will run to play in this darling canopy day after day. If your little farmer prefers pink, you can also request pink in the same or a similar print.

fancy nancy says

A princess is always supposed to keep her tiara on, so where is yours? The pink fabric is sparkly (don't worry parents, it is subtle), which makes it extra fancy.

lemons for my love

There is nothing like a long drink of ice cold lemonade to keep you cool while you are playing hard. Or maybe a canopy made out of this refreshing and fun combo will do the trick?!

cowboy up

If your cowboy or cowgirl doesn't fancy a red bandana, you can also request blue, green, or pink in the same or a similar print.

mr. men

Whether he is Mr. Happy or Mr. Strong, your little man is sure to love this combo. This fabric is also available in pink for your Little Miss.

i heart strawberries

The pink fabric is sparkly (don't worry parents, it is subtle), which makes these berries extra sweet!

karate kid

These cheeky little monkeys also come in pink for your karate kid.

goodies for savvy seconds

It was a proud morning for us. We were making our first delivery to Savvy Seconds.