Hang it in the corner of your little one's playroom. Hang it over your family's favorite story time chair. Hang it over your kiddo's headboard for a sweet addition to his or her bedroom set. This six paneled canopy will work in a variety of places.

The diameter of the canopy at its widest point is approximately 32" and the height of the canopy will be based on your ceiling height. The canopies in the pictures are shown hanging from 8-foot ceilings and are easy to hang using the metal ring at the top. We leave providing all other hardware up to you because you know what the ideal hanging and/or mounting solution for your home would be. All material is prewashed in dye, perfume, and preservative free laundry detergent before being sewn.

We would love to make a canopy for your son or daughter, your favorite teacher, or anyone else in your life who needs a fairy tent, fort, sanctuary, or hideaway to call their own. Custom canopies range in price from $150 to $200, depending on material.