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Baby Hankies

Stop buying and throwing away all those baby wipes! Invest in some baby hankies, and do your baby's nose, your family's pocketbook, and the environment a favor. Baby hankies are double-sided with soft, absorbent terry on one side and snuggle flannel on the other. They are thinner and smaller than normal burp cloths, which make them perfect for moms and dads on-the-go! They fit easily into purses and back pockets and are perfect for wiping noses and cleaning up small spills. Check them out, and leave those bulky burp cloths in the car! Baby hankies measure approximately 7"x7" and cost $2.50 each.

Cuddling Loveys

These double-sided blankets are mini versions of our cuddling blankets and are just as luxurious. Our little ones take their cuddling loveys on car trips, walks, and also use them to wrap up their favorite babies. Cuddling loveys are $15 each. Purchase a cuddling blanket for $60 and get a matching cuddling lovey for only $10!