Thursday, March 18, 2010

little boy blue?

No! Little boy Brady, that's who! These two fabrics looked great together when we bought them, but the colors really came to life once the canopy was assembled. We think it exudes little boy charm and is perfect for a stylish little man like Brady. We hope Brady and his family will have lots of fun playing in it.

And, don't forget, the theme and/or color scheme of this or any other canopy can be adjusted to suit your taste. It can be made with or without tulle. The flower clips that hold up the "front door" can be replaced with butterflies, birds, or simple clothes pins painted to match the color of your fabric. We will work with you to make a canopy that your son or daughter will love.


  1. You made this? This is amazing! You are have some serious talent girl!

  2. Thank you, Stacey! We hope you will stop by periodically to check out our new products.

  3. hi there,

    thanks for the comment.
    i actually have a gift card to w&s, so i might just go buy some today!

    thanks, again.