Thursday, May 20, 2010

getting started

Are you interested in ordering a play canopy (or other product), but you're not sure how to get started? Everything you need to know is located in the right hand column. For example...

--> If you want to read a description of our canopy design, click on the "canopies" button.

--> If you want to read a review from one of our happy customers, click on the "share the love, leave a comment!" button.

--> If you want to get ideas for the theme of your canopy,  scroll down to "finding inspiration" and you will be able to click on either "canopies" (to bring up all posts with canopies we have made for other people) or "fabric samples" (to bring up all posts with sample fabric combos).

--> When you are ready to talk to us about your theme, you can click on the "contact" button to figure out the most convenient way for you to contact us.

We love going to the fabric store. So after you tell us what you envision, off we will go to get ideas for you. We typically find 2-3 combos (depending on availability/variety of material) in your theme and then e-mail you pictures and a price quote for each one. Then it's up to you to make the final decision before we get started. We would love to make a canopy for your son or daughter, your favorite teacher, or anyone else in your life who needs a fairy tent, fort, sanctuary, or hideaway to call their own.

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